9th Ocha Zanmai

tea leaves


The College of Liberal & Creative Arts and the
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at
San Francisco State University

with a special grant from the Imuraya Group


The 9th Ocha Zanmai:
2023 International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture 

Theme: “Chanoyu and Tea Culture from Multiple Perspectives”


The 2023 Ocha Zanmai Conference takes the form of online video premieres on Saturday, July 15 (Japan time: Sunday, July 16). There will be no webinars.  Released videos will be made accessible to conference registrants from July 15 through December 31, 2023 (California Time). Registrants will receive access link(s) by email.


  • "Tracing the Roots of 'Tea', 'Cha’, & 'Chai': How Diachrony Informs the History of the Fragrant Leaf"

    • Chris Wen-Chao Li, Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics  李 文肇 博士
    • Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, San Francisco State University
      サンフランシスコ州立大学現代言語文学科 教授
    • Presentation in English only; no Japanese translation (英語のみ/日本語通訳なし)
    • SESSION CHAIR: Frederik H. Green, San Francisco State University


  • "The Relationship between Wood & People as Seen through Wood Materials Used in the Tea Ceremony Room"
    「茶室の用材観から紐解く人と木とのあわい 木材解剖学×茶の湯」

    • Suyako Tazuru, Ph.D., Lecturer  田鶴寿弥子 農学博士
    • Center for Future Pioneering Research on the Humanosphere, Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
      京都大学生存圏研究所 生存圏未来開拓研究センター 講師
    • Presentation in Japanese with English translation (日本語の講演/英語通訳付)
    • SESSION CHAIR: Tamaki Yano, Professor Emeritus, Doshisha University
      議長:矢野 環(同志社大学名誉教授)


  • "Ueda Soko's Life, Legacy & Tea Way"

    • Adam Sōmu Wojciński  アダム・宗夢・ヴォイチンスキ
    • Direct-disciple and translator for the 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda School, Ueda Sokei
    • Presentation in English only; no Japanese translation (英語のみ/日本語通訳なし)
    • SESSION CHAIR: Stephen Roddy, University of San Francisco


  • “The Aesthetics of ‘Soso’—the Origins of the Suki Tea Ceremony”

    • Minjeong Park, Ph.D. 朴珉廷 (パク・ミンジョン) 博士
    • Secretary of the International Traditional Arts Research Group & Representative of the Japan-Korea Tea Culture Exchange Association
      国際伝統芸術研究会幹事 ならびに 日韓茶文化交流会代表
    • Presentation in Japanese only (日本語のみ/英語通訳なし)
    • SESSION CHAIR: Yoshiyuki Miyatake, Joint Research Associate, Kyoto and Tea Culture Research Center, Doshisha University


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